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Gaming Figures is a leading UK stockist of Games Workshop, Warlord Games, Plastic Soldier Company and KR Cases. We stock a wide range of box sets and blisters, and offer generous discounts and worldwide delivery. Please note that GW products can only be shipped to the UK and most of Europe, however all other products are available Worldwide. Any orders containing spray cans of any sort can only be shipped via courier and will only show the delivery option for courier only.
Halloween Sale - In Store Only
Posted: 23 October 2017
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Eldar Craftworld Codex & more
Posted: 21 October 2017

Now available to advance order we have the new Eldar Craftworld codex and Data cards.  Also released Saturday, Eldrad Ulthran single plastic figure, Start Collecting! Craftworlds box set and Aspect Warrior dice.

The Start Collecting! Craftworld box set contains almost £90.00 worth of models (GW individual rrp).  With the our 15% extra to come off the £50.00 your making a saving of more than 50%.

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Road To Berlin Book and Battle Set - Advance order now.
Posted: 20 October 2017

The Battle for Berlin campaign book is available with the limited edition figure while stocks last.

The Road to Berlin battle set contains a huge amount of  models, including buildings, vehicles and not available elsewhere resin barricades.

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Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - 20% Discount on pre orders
Posted: 14 October 2017
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Star Wars Destiny Legacies and New Starter Sets Coming December 2017
Posted: 12 October 2017
Now available to advance order at 20% discount we have the new  Booster box and starter sets for Star Wars Destiny Legacies.
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