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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower This is a brand new version of a much loved and classic board game from Games Workshop.
The set comes with:
• 51 highly detailed and superbly sculpted models (6 Heroes and 45 Denizens (Monsters)).
• An Adventure Book (The Storyline Book)
• A Guide Book (The Rules for playing)
• 13 Double Sided Tiles
• 36 Skill and Treasure Cards
• 40 Event Cards
• Plus all the relevant multi coloured dice and card counters you need for the game.

All the models in this set are brand new or brand new sculpts that are making their first appearance with this set.

20% discount on pre orders until day of release.

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Warhammer Quest: Shadows of Hammerhal
Warhammer Quest: Shadows of Hammerhal Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhal is a stand-alone boxed game for 2-5 players set in the splendid city of Order – Hammerhal. Up to 4 players can quest in the catacombs and dungeons below the city, while another acts as game master, setting fiendish obstacles, controlling the antagonists (monsters) and setting the story – it’s up to this player to take charge of revealing the secrets each dungeon has to offer.

The game is fully compatible with the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower game and the Hero Cards. Any miniatures or rules the customer already owns for that game can also be used in this game. In addition, the game has a lot of replay-ability, as character level up and increase their skills as you play. The box contains 31 miniatures, offering approximately 50% added value:
1x Lord Castellant and Gryph Hound
1x Cogsmith
1x Black Art Fleetmaster
1x Loremaster
1x Chaos Sorcerer Lord
5x Putrid Blightkings
10x Kairic Acolytes
10x Bloodreavers
1x 72 page guide book
1x 32 page adventure book
18x double sides board sections
55x cards
12x dice
A variety of counters and markers for tracking your heroes as they gain experience and skills under the city of Hammerhall

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Warhammer Quest: Hero Cards
Warhammer Quest: Hero Cards Contains 44 hero cards (from the My Hero App).

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Warhammer Quest Mighty Heroes
Warhammer Quest Mighty Heroes This is an amazing value boxed set of the 4 additional heroes available to you to use from the back of the Warhammer Quest Adventure book.

The set contains one (1) each of the following:
Storm Cast Eternal Knight-Venator
Khorne Bloodbound Slaughter Priest
Auric Runemaster
Tzeentch Sorcerer
Of these 4 characters 3 are currently available outside of this boxed set and would normal come to £61 alone.
This set allows you to save over 50%
Contents: 4 Plastic Models

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Warhammer Quest: Chaos Adversaries Cards
Warhammer Quest: Chaos Adversaries Cards The Cards

Disciples of Tzeentch
Gaunt Summoner (Mighty Adversary)
Herald of Tzeentch (Mighty Adversary)
Ogroid Thaumaturge
Kairic Acolytes
Tzaangor Skyfires
Tzaangor Enlightened
Horrors of Tzeentch
Screamers of Tzeentch
Flamers of Tzeentch
Exhalted Flamer of Tzeentch

Lord of Plagues (Mighty Adversary)
Herald of Nurgle (Mighty Adversary)
Putrid Blightkings

Slaughterpriest (Mighty Adversary)
Skull Grinder (Mighty Adversary)
Deathbringer (Mighty Adversary)
Blood Warriors

Warlord (Mighty Adversary)
Grey Seer (Mighty Adversary)
Pack Master
Rat Ogres
Night Runners
Clan Rats
Plague Monks
Giant Rats

Slaves to Darkness
Chaos Sorcerer Lord (Mighty Adversary)
Chaos Lord (Mighty Adversary)
Chaos Warriors
Chaos Marauders

Other Adversaries
Grot Scuttlings

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