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Rocket Raccoon - last one
Marvel Miniatures Game
Manufacturer: Knight Models
(manu. part no.: 35MV021)

RRP: £12.95

Our Price: £11.00
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Approximate Weight: 30g

Rocket Raccoon is an alien animal with a similar appearance to a raccoon that was transformed and genetically manipulated in a dangerous and painful science experiment to grant him human level intelligence and bipedal body construction to be used as a slave and enforcer. Later escaping his creators he befriends and teams up with a unknown like tree creature simply known as "Groot" to become bounty hunters. On one of their latest hunts, Rocket Raccoon and Groot join Starlord and become members of the team The Guardians of the Galaxy on a mission to stop a destructive invasion of a Kree warlord.
This blister contains a 35mm highly detailed metal miniature of Rocket Raccoon, supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

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