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Kovoss Kryptics - Mutant Team (10 Figures)
Box Set
Box set.
Manufacturer: Mantic Games
(manu. part no.: MGDBM113)

RRP: £17.99

Our Price: £9.00
(you save £8.99)

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Approximate Weight: 160g

This set contains 10 multi-part premium plastic models, including:
Brewed in a vat
From head to clawed toe, unlike other DreadBall teams you can build your own bespoke players by choosing any combination of components in the set and mixing them together, giving them unique abilities on the tabletop.
The set contains enough components to build 10 multi-part premium plastic players and includes a range of different heads, arms, torsos and legs, from popular Warpath races such as Grogans, Zízor, Nameless and Yndij.
Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.

A copy of DreadBall Season 5 is required to play this team.

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