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Chaos Black Primer Spray
GW Model Supplies > Sprays
400ml can.
Manufacturer: GW
(manu. part no.: 9920999901202)

RRP: £10.40

Our Price: £8.84
(you save £1.56)

Stock: Available

Approximate Weight: 386g

Due to a problem with shipping pressurised containers overseas we are unable to send any of our Citadel Sprays abroad. If your order contains a spray can, this item will be removed from the order. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE NATURE OF PRESSURIZED SPRAY CANS WE CAN ONLY SELL THIS TO UK CUSTOMERS AND CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED VIA COURIER.

Approximate Prices In Other Currencies *
EUR 11.14 USD $15.12 CAD $16.18 AUD $16.18 NZD $17.15

* Note: orders will be charged in UK Sterling, converted prices are shown for guidance only. Actual charge will depend on exchange rate and conversion charges at time of payment