Necromunda: Underhive
Box Set
Box set.
Manufacturer: GW
(manu. part no.: 60010599001)

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Approximate Weight: 2500g

The new boxed game contains:
? Two gangs with stunning Underhive miniatures
? 10x Warrior women from House Escher
? 10x Gene-crafted brutes from House Goliath
? Multi-part plastic miniatures, allowing for versatility and personalisation
? An array of plastic scenery pieces such as bulk heads, barricades and objectives
? 9x 1 x 1 board tiles, representing the sewers and confines of the Underhive, to allow you to create a gaming field quickly and easily
? A 104-page rulebook containing all the basic rules, background and 6 scenarios (essential for anyone wanting to play Necromunda!)
? 70x character and tactical cards to influence the game
? All the accessories you need to play the game (templates, ruler, markers and dice)

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